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For No Good Reason

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

All Genres:
Documentary, Biography, History, Music

Release Year: 2014

Country: UK | USA

Runtime: 89 min

Languages: English

Director: Charlie Paul



Cast: Johnny Depp
Terry Gilliam
Patrick Godfrey
Richard E. Grant
Ralph Steadman
Hunter S. Thompson
Jann Wenner
Hal Willner


Plot: Johnny Depp pays a call on his friend and hero Ralph Steadman and we take off on a high-spirited, raging and kaleidoscopic journey discovering the life and works of one of the most distinctive radical artists of the last 50 years. Written by Anonymous


Monday, February 3rd, 2014

All Genres:
Action, Adventure, Drama, History, Romance

Release Year: 2014

Country: USA | Germany

Runtime: 102 min

Languages: English

Director: Paul W.S. Anderson

Tagline: No warning. No escape.


Writers: Janet Scott Batchler (screenplay), Lee Batchler (screenplay), 2 credits »


Cast: Kit Harington
Carrie-Anne Moss
Emily Browning
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Jessica Lucas
Jared Harris
Kiefer Sutherland
Rebecca Eady
Jean Frenette
Currie Graham
Ron Kennell
Jean-Francois Lachapelle
Sasha Roiz
Melantha Blackthorne
Ben Lewis


Plot: Set in 79 A.D., POMPEII tells the epic story of Milo (Kit Harington), a slave turned invincible gladiator who finds himself in a race against time to save his true love Cassia (Emily Browning), the beautiful daughter of a wealthy merchant who has been unwillingly betrothed to a corrupt Roman Senator. As Mount Vesuvius erupts in a torrent of blazing lava, Milo must fight his way out of the arena in order to save his beloved as the once magnificent Pompeii crumbles around him. Written by Sony Pictures Entertainment

Kaze tachinu

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

All Genres:
Animation, Biography, Drama, History, Romance, War

Release Year: 2014

Country: Japan

Runtime: 126 min

Languages: Japanese | German | Italian | French

Director: Hayao Miyazaki

Tagline: Ikineba. (We must live.)


Writers: Hayao Miyazaki (comic), Hayao Miyazaki (screenplay)


Cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Emily Blunt
Mae Whitman
Jennifer Grey
Stanley Tucci
Elijah Wood
John Krasinski
William H. Macy
Mandy Patinkin
Eva Bella
Darren Criss
Werner Herzog
Martin Short
Zach Callison
Madeleine Rose Yen


Plot: Jiro dreams of flying and designing beautiful airplanes, inspired by the famous Italian aeronautical designer Caproni. Nearsighted from a young age and unable to be a pilot, Jiro joins a major Japanese engineering company in 1927 and becomes one of the world’s most innovative and accomplished airplane designers. The film chronicles much of his life, depicting key historical events, including the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923, the Great Depression, the tuberculosis epidemic and Japan’s plunge into war. Jiro meets and falls in love with Nahoko, and grows and cherishes his friendship with his colleague Honjo. Written by Official site

Saving Mr. Banks

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

All Genres:
Biography, Comedy, Drama, Family, History, Music

Release Year: 2013

Country: USA | UK | Australia

Runtime: 125 min

Languages: English

Director: John Lee Hancock

Tagline: Where her book ended, their story began.


Writers: Kelly Marcel, Sue Smith


Cast: Tom Hanks
Colin Farrell
Emma Thompson
Ruth Wilson
Paul Giamatti
Jason Schwartzman
Bradley Whitford
Rachel Griffiths
B.J. Novak
Steven Cabral
Victoria Summer
Dendrie Taylor
Kathy Baker
Mia Serafino
Ronan Vibert


Plot: When Walt Disney’s daughters begged him to make a movie of their favorite book, P.L. Travers’ “Mary Poppins,” he made them a promise – one that he didn’t realize would take 20 years to keep. In his quest to obtain the rights, Walt comes up against a curmudgeonly, uncompromising writer who has absolutely no intention of letting her beloved magical nanny get mauled by the Hollywood machine. But, as the books stop selling and money grows short, Travers reluctantly agrees to go to Los Angeles to hear Disney’s plans for the adaptation. For those two short weeks in 1961, Walt Disney pulls out all the stops. Armed with imaginative storyboards and chirpy songs from the talented Sherman brothers, Walt launches an all-out onslaught on P.L. Travers, but the prickly author doesn’t budge. He soon begins to watch helplessly as Travers becomes increasingly immovable and the rights begin to move further away from his grasp. It is only when he reaches into his own childhood that Walt discovers the … Written by Walt Disney Pictures

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

Monday, October 28th, 2013

All Genres:
Biography, Drama, History

Release Year: 2013

Country: UK | South Africa

Runtime: 152 min

Languages: English | Afrikaans | Xhosa

Director: Justin Chadwick



Cast: Idris Elba
Naomie Harris
Tony Kgoroge
Riaad Moosa
Jamie Bartlett
Lindiwe Matshikiza
Terry Pheto
Deon Lotz
Rohil Aniruth
Armand Aucamp
Carl Beukes
Garth Breytenbach
Gys de Villiers
Mark Elderkin
Nomfusi Gotyana


Plot: A chronicle of Nelson Mandela’s life journey from his childhood in a rural village through to his inauguration as the first democratically elected president of South Africa.

12 Years a Slave

Monday, September 30th, 2013

All Genres:
Biography, Drama, History

Release Year: 2013

Country: USA

Runtime: 133 min

Languages: English

Director: Steve McQueen



Writers: John Ridley (screenplay), Solomon Northup (based on “Twelve Years a Slave” by)


Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch
Brad Pitt
Michael Fassbender
Paul Dano
Sarah Paulson
Paul Giamatti
Chiwetel Ejiofor
Michael K. Williams
Garret Dillahunt
Taran Killam
Quvenzhané Wallis
Ruth Negga
Scoot McNairy
Lupita Nyong’o
Alfre Woodard


Plot: Based on an incredible true story of one man’s fight for survival and freedom. In the pre-Civil War United States, Solomon Northup (Chiwetel Ejiofor), a free black man from upstate New York, is abducted and sold into slavery. Facing cruelty (personified by a malevolent slave owner, portrayed by Michael Fassbender), as well as unexpected kindnesses, Solomon struggles not only to stay alive, but to retain his dignity. In the twelfth year of his unforgettable odyssey, Solomon’s chance meeting with a Canadian abolitionist (Brad Pitt) will forever alter his life. Written by Fox Searchlight

Muscle Shoals

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

All Genres:
Documentary, Biography, History, Music

Release Year: 2013

Country: USA

Runtime: 111 min

Languages: English

Director: Greg ‘Freddy’ Camalier

Tagline: The incredible true story of a small town with a big sound.


Cast: Gregg Allman
Clarence Carter
Jimmy Cliff
Aretha Franklin
Donna Godchaux
Rick Hall
Roger Hawkins
David Hood
Mick Jagger
Jimmy Johnson
Alicia Keys
Ed King
Spooner Oldham


Plot: Located alongside the Tennessee River, Muscle Shoals, Alabama is the unlikely breeding ground for some of America’s most creative and defiant music. Under the spiritual influence of the ‘Singing River’ as Native Americans called it, the music of Muscle Shoals changed the world and sold millions upon millions of copies. At its heart is Rick Hall who founded FAME Studios. Overcoming crushing poverty and staggering tragedies, he brought black and white together in Alabama’s cauldron of racial hostility to create music for the generations while giving birth to the ‘Muscle Shoals Sound’ and ‘The Swampers’. Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Percy Sledge, Gregg Allman, Clarence Carter, Etta James, Alicia Keys, Bono, and others bear witness to Muscle Shoals’ magnetism, mystery, and why it remains influential today. Written by Anonymous

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

All Genres:
Drama, History

Release Year: 2012

Country: China | USA

Runtime: 104 min

Languages: English | Chinese

Director: Wayne Wang



Writers: Angela Workman (screenplay), Ronald Bass (screenplay)


Cast: Russell Wong … Bank CEO
Bingbing Li … Nina / Lily
Archie Kao … Sebastian
Gianna Jun … Snow Flower / Sophia
Coco Chiang … Anna
Hu Qing Yun … Mrs. Liao
Shi Ping Cao … Mr. Wei
Ruijia Zhang … Mrs. Wei
Vivian Wu … Aunt
Zhebing Gong … Professor
Lilia Zhou … Nurse
Congmeng Guo … Little Lily
Danping Shen … Lily's Mother
Yan Dai … Little Snow Flower
Yulan Xu … Snow Flower's Mother


Plot: In 19th-century China, seven year old girls Snow Flower and Lily are matched as laotong – or "old sames" – bound together for eternity. Isolated by their families, they furtively communicate by taking turns writing in a secret language, nu shu, between the folds of a white silk fan. In a parallel story in present day Shanghai, the laotong's descendants, Nina and Sophia, struggle to maintain the intimacy of their own childhood friendship in the face of demanding careers, complicated love lives, and a relentlessly evolving Shanghai. Drawing on the lessons of the past, the two modern women must understand the story of their ancestral connection, hidden from them in the folds of the antique white silk fan, or risk losing one another forever. Written by Fox Searchlight Pictures   Add Synopsis Plot Keywords: Fan  Character Name In Title

Red Tails

Friday, January 20th, 2012

All Genres:
Action, Adventure, Drama, History, War

Release Year: 2012

Country: USA

Runtime: 125 min

Languages: English | Italian | German

Director: Anthony Hemingway

Tagline: High-Octane Action and Daring Dogfights!


Writers: John Ridley (story), John Ridley (screenplay)


Cast: Terrence Howard … Colonel A.J. Bullard
Nate Parker … Marty 'Easy' Julian
Tristan Wilds … Ray 'Junior' Gannon
Elijah Kelley … Samuel 'Joker' George
Leslie Odom Jr. … Declan 'Winky' Hall
Kevin Phillips … Leon 'Neon' Edwards
Method Man … Sticks (as Cliff Smith)
Lee Tergesen … Colonel Jack Tomilson
Daniela Ruah … Sofia
Matthew Marsh … Brigadier General Hauser
Barnaby Kay … Commanding General Westlake
Josh Dallas … Ryan (as Joshua Dallas)
Michael Lindley … Kellison
Okezie Morro … Jammer
Aml Ameen … Bag 'O Bones


Plot: A crew of African American pilots in the Tuskegee training program, having faced segregation while kept mostly on the ground during World War II, are called into duty under the guidance of Col. A.J. Bullard. Add Full Plot Plot Keywords: African American  Arrest  Color In Title  U.S. Military  Punched In The Face   See »

The Flowers of War

Friday, December 16th, 2011

All Genres:
Drama, History

Release Year: 2011

Country: China | Hong Kong

Runtime: 146 min

Languages: Chinese (Nanjing Dialect) | English | Japanese | Mandarin | Shanghainese

Director: Yimou Zhang



Writers: Heng Liu (screenplay), Geling Yan (novel)


Cast: Christian Bale … John Miller
Paul Schneider … Terry
Ni Ni … Yu Mo
Tong Dawei … Major Li
Xinyi Zhang … Shujuan Meng
Atsurô Watabe … Colonel Hasegawa
Shawn Dou
Shigeo Kobayashi … Lt. Kato
Tianyuan Huang … George
Yuan Nie
Takashi Yamanaka
Kefan Cao … Mr. Meng
Bai Xue
Hai-Bo Huang


Plot: In 1937 China, during the second Sino-Japanese war, a mortician, John (Christian Bale) arrives at a Catholic church in Nanjing to prepare a priest for burial. Upon arrival he finds himself the lone adult among a group of convent girl students and prostitutes from a nearby brothel. When he finds himself in the unwanted position of protector of both groups from the horrors of the invading Japanese army, he discovers the meaning of sacrifice and honor. Written by msmith5484   Add Synopsis Plot Keywords: Based On Novel

J. Edgar

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

All Genres:
Biography, Crime, Drama, History

Release Year: 2011

Country: USA

Runtime: 137 min

Languages: English

Director: Clint Eastwood

Tagline: The Most Powerful Man in the World


Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio … J. Edgar Hoover
Josh Hamilton … Robert Irwin
Geoff Pierson … Mitchell Palmer
Cheryl Lawson … Palmer's Wife
Kaitlyn Dever … Palmer's Daughter
Brady Matthews … Inspector
Gunner Wright … Dwight Eisenhower
David A. Cooper … Franklin Roosevelt
Ed Westwick … Agent Smith
Naomi Watts … Helen Gandy
Kelly Lester … Head Secretary
Jack Donner … Edgar's Father
Judi Dench … Annie Hoover
Dylan Burns … Hoover as a Child
Jordan Bridges … Labor Dept. Lawyer


Plot: J. Edgar Hoover was the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation for nearly 50 years. Hoover was feared, admired, reviled and revered, a man who could distort the truth as easily as he upheld it. His methods were at once ruthless and heroic, with the admiration of the world his most coveted prize. But behind closed doors, he held secrets that would have destroyed his image, his career and his life. Written by Warner Brothers   Plot Keywords: Secret  Friend  Robe  FBI Agent  Balcony   See »

My Week with Marilyn

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

All Genres:
Biography, Drama, History

Release Year: 2011

Country: UK | USA

Runtime: 99 min

Languages: English

Director: Simon Curtis



Writers: Adrian Hodges (screenplay), Colin Clark (books)


Cast: Michelle Williams … Marilyn Monroe
Eddie Redmayne … Colin Clark
Julia Ormond … Vivien Leigh
Kenneth Branagh … Sir Laurence Olivier
Pip Torrens … Sir Kenneth Clark
Geraldine Somerville … Lady Jane Clark
Michael Kitchen … Hugh Perceval
Miranda Raison … Vanessa
Karl Moffatt … Jack Cardiff
Simon Russell Beale … Cotes-Preedy
Toby Jones … Arthur Jacobs
Robert Portal … David Orton
Philip Jackson … Roger Smith
Jim Carter … Barry
Victor McGuire … Andy


Plot: Sir Laurence Olivier is making a movie in London. Young Colin Clark, an eager film student, wants to be involved and he navigates himself a job on the set. When film star Marilyn Monroe arrives for the start of shooting, all of London is excited to see the blonde bombshell, while Olivier is struggling to meet her many demands and acting ineptness, and Colin is intrigued by her. Colin's intrigue is met when Marilyn invites him into her inner world where she struggles with her fame, her beauty and her desire to be a great actress. Written by napierslogs   Plot Keywords: Movie  Showgirl  Filmmaker  Prince  Actress   See »

Texas Killing Fields

Friday, September 9th, 2011

All Genres:
Crime, Drama, History, Thriller

Release Year: 2011

Country: USA

Runtime: 105 min

Languages: English

Director: Ami Canaan Mann

Tagline: Once in… There's no way out.


Cast: Sam Worthington … Mike Souder
Jeffrey Dean Morgan … Brian Heigh
Chloë Grace Moretz … Little Ann Sliger
Corie Berkemeyer … Shauna Kittredge
Trenton Perez … White Kid (as Trenton Ryan Perez)
Maureen Brennan … Mrs. Kittredge (as Maureen A. Brennan)
Tony Bentley … Captain Bender
Becky Fly … Neighbor
Sheryl Lee … Lucie Sliger
James Hébert … Eugene
Stephen Graham … Rhino
Jessica Chastain … Pam Stall
John Neisler … DPS Officer
Annabeth Gish … Gwen Heigh
Deneen Tyler … Lady Worm


Plot: Souder, a homicide detective in a small Texan town, and his partner, transplanted New York City cop Detective Heigh, track a sadistic serial killer dumping his victims' mutilated bodies in a nearby marsh locals call 'The Killing Fields'. Though the swampland crime scenes are outside their jurisdiction, Detective Heigh is unable to turn his back on solving the gruesome murders. Despite his partner's warnings, he sets out to investigate the crimes. Before long, the killer changes the game and begins hunting the detectives, teasing them with possible clues at the crime scenes while always remaining one step ahead. When familiar local girl Anne goes missing, the detectives find themselves racing against time to catch the killer and save the young girl's life. Written by Anonymous   Add Synopsis Plot Keywords: Car Chase  Inspired By True Events  n Word  Multiple Murders  Torture Murder   See »


Thursday, September 1st, 2011

All Genres:
Drama, History, Romance

Release Year: 2011

Country: UK

Runtime: 119 min

Languages: English | French (some dialogue) | Russian (some dialogue)

Director: Madonna



Writers: Madonna (screenplay), Alek Keshishian (screenplay)


Cast: Abbie Cornish … Wally Winthrop
Andrea Riseborough … Wallis Simpson
James D'Arcy … Edward
Oscar Isaac … Evgeni
Richard Coyle … William Winthrop
David Harbour … Ernest
James Fox … King George V
Judy Parfitt … Queen Mary
Haluk Bilginer … Mohamed Al-Fayed
Geoffrey Palmer … Stanley Baldwin
Natalie Dormer … Elizabeth
Laurence Fox … Bertie
Douglas Reith … Lord Brownlow
Katie McGrath … Lady Thelma
Christina Chong … Tenten


Plot: The affair between King Edward VIII and American divorcée Wallis Simpson, and a contemporary romance between a married woman and a Russian security guard. Add Full Plot Add Synopsis Plot Keywords: King  Title Directed By Female  Sotheby's  Battered Wife  Clothes   See »

The Broken Tower

Monday, June 20th, 2011

All Genres:
Biography, Drama, History, War

Release Year: 2011

Country: USA


Languages: English

Director: James Franco

Tagline: The Truth is Indecent.


Writers: James Franco (screenplay), Paul L. Mariani (biography)


Cast: James Franco … Hart Crane
Michael Shannon … Emile
Stacey Miller … Peggy Cowley
Vince Jolivette
Betsy Franco … Grace Crane
Dave Franco … Young Hart Crane
David Rothstadt … Poetry Reading Attendant
David Gerson … Drunken cafe attendant Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Dylan Goodwin … Young Truck Driver
Sean Patrick Murray … Movie Theater Attendant


Plot: A look at the dreams, unapologetic love of men , manic highs and depressive, death-haunted lows of early 20th century rebellious, self-destructive visionary poet Hart Crane from his early years as the son of a wealthy Cleveland businessman through his sojourns in New York, Cuba and Paris. Written by Anonymous   Add Synopsis Plot Keywords: Poet  Suicide  Gay Man Has Sex With A Woman  Intertitle  Oral Sex In Car   See »

Even the Rain

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

All Genres:
Drama, History

Release Year: 2010

Country: Spain | Mexico | France

Runtime: 103 min

Languages: Spanish | Quechua | English (a few lines)

Director: Icíar Bollaín

Tagline: Spain Conquered the New World for Gold 500 Years Later, Water is Gold Not Much Else has Changed…


Cast: Luis Tosar … Costa
Gael García Bernal … Sebastián
Juan Carlos Aduviri … Daniel / Atuey
Karra Elejalde … Antón / Colón
Raúl Arévalo … Juan / Montesinos
Carlos Santos … Alberto / Las Casas
Cassandra Ciangherotti … María
Milena Soliz … Belén / Panuca
Leónidas Chiri … Teresa
Ezequiel Díaz … Bruno
Pau Cólera … Actor capitán
Vicente Romero … Actor comandante
Antonio Mora … Actor franciscano
Daniel Currás … Soldado gallego
Glenda Rodríguez … Asistente casting


Plot: Spanish director Sebastián, his executive producer Costa and all his crew are in Bolivia, in the Cochabamba area, to shoot a motion picture about Christopher Columbus, his first explorations and the way the Spaniards treated the Indians at the time. Costa has chosen this place because the budget of the film is tight and here he can hire supernumeraries, local actors and extras on the cheap. Things go or less smoothly until a conflict erupts over the privatization of the water supply. The trouble is that one of the local actors, is a leading activist in the protest movement. Written by Guy Bellinger   Plot Keywords: Bolivia  Water Supply  Christopher Columbus  Water  Actor   See »

The Conspirator

Saturday, September 11th, 2010

All Genres:
Crime, Drama, History

Release Year: 2010

Country: USA

Runtime: 122 min

Languages: English

Director: Robert Redford

Tagline: One bullet killed the President. But not one man.


Writers: James D. Solomon, James D. Solomon (story)


Cast: James McAvoy … Frederick Aiken
Robin Wright … Mary Surratt
Kevin Kline … Edwin Stanton
Evan Rachel Wood … Anna Surratt
Tom Wilkinson … Reverdy Johnson
Justin Long … Nicholas Baker
Danny Huston … Joseph Holt
James Badge Dale … William Hamilton
Colm Meaney … David Hunter
Alexis Bledel … Sarah Weston
Johnny Simmons … John Surratt
Toby Kebbell … John Wilkes Booth
Jonathan Groff … Louis Weichmann
Stephen Root … John Lloyd
John Cullum … Judge Wylie


Plot: In the wake of Abraham Lincoln's assassination, seven men and one woman are arrested and charged with conspiring to kill the President, the Vice-President, and the Secretary of State. The lone woman charged, Mary Surratt, 42, owns a boarding house where John Wilkes Booth and others met and planned the simultaneous attacks. Against the ominous back-drop of post-Civil War Washington, newly-minted lawyer, Frederick Aiken, a 28-year-old Union war-hero, reluctantly agrees to defend Surratt before a military tribunal. As the trial unfolds, Aiken realizes his client may be innocent and that she is being used as bait and hostage in order to capture the only conspirator to have escaped a massive manhunt, her own son. Written by Anonymous   Add Synopsis Plot Keywords: Lawyer  Truth  Abraham Lincoln  Trial  Union   See »

Cave of Forgotten Dreams

Friday, September 10th, 2010

All Genres:
Documentary, History

Release Year: 2010

Country: Canada | USA | France | Germany | UK

Runtime: 90 min

Languages: English | German | French

Director: Werner Herzog



Cast: Werner Herzog … Himself / Narrator
Jean Clottes … Himself
Julien Monney … Himself
Jean-Michel Geneste … Himself
Michel Philippe … Himself
Gilles Tosello … Himself
Carole Fritz … Herself
Dominique Baffier … Herself
Valerie Feruglio … Herself
Nicholas Conard … Himself
Maria Malina … Herself
Wulf Hein … Himself
Maurice Maurin … Himself


Plot: In 1994, a group of scientists discovered a cave in Southern France perfectly preserved for over 20,000 years and containing the earliest known human paintings. Knowing the cultural significance that the Chauvet Cave holds, the French government immediately cut-off all access to it, save a few archaeologists and paleontologists. But documentary filmmaker, Werner Herzog, has been given limited access, and now we get to go inside examining beautiful artwork created by our ancient ancestors around 32,000 years ago. He asks questions to various historians and scientists about what these humans would have been like and trying to build a bridge from the past to the present. Written by napierslogs   Add Synopsis Plot Keywords: Cave  France  Southern France  Cave Painting  Scientific Research   See »

Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

All Genres:
Action, Drama, History

Release Year: 2010

Country: Hong Kong | China

Runtime: 105 min

Languages: Mandarin | Japanese | English

Director: Wai-keung Lau



Cast: Donnie Yen … Chen Zhen
Qi Shu … Kiki
Anthony Wong Chau-Sang … Liu Yutian
Shawn Yue
Yasuaki Kurata … Chikaraishi Tsuyoshi
Siyan Huo … Weiwei
Bo Huang … Huang
Kenji Tanigaki
Karl Dominik … Vincent
Jiajia Chen … Huang Lan
Ryu Kohata … Colonel Chikaraishi Takeshi
Alex Ahlstrom … American Soldier #2
Akira … Chikaraishi Sasaki
Zhou Yang … Qi Zhishan
Yale Varty … American Soldier #1


Plot: Seven years after the apparent death of Chen Zhen, who was shot after discovering who was responsible for his teacher's death (Huo Yuanjia) in Japanese-occupied Shanghai. A mysterious stranger arrives from overseas and befriends a local mafia boss. That man is a disguised Chen Zhen, who intends to infiltrate the mob when they form an alliance with the Japanese. Disguising himself as a caped fighter by night, Chen intends to take out everyone involved as well as get his hands on an assassination list prepared by the Japanese. Written by Kokken Tor   Add Synopsis Plot Keywords: Japanese  Assassination  Shanghai  Nose Pushed Into Brain  Shot To Death   See »

Of Gods and Men

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

All Genres:
Drama, History

Release Year: 2010

Country: France

Runtime: 122 min

Languages: Arabic | French

Director: Xavier Beauvois



Writers: Xavier Beauvois (adaptation) (dialogue), Etienne Comar (scenario)


Cast: Lambert Wilson … Christian
Michael Lonsdale … Luc
Olivier Rabourdin … Christophe
Philippe Laudenbach … Célestin
Jacques Herlin … Amédée
Loïc Pichon … Jean-Pierre
Xavier Maly … Michel
Jean-Marie Frin … Paul
Abdelhafid Metalsi … Nouredine
Sabrina Ouazani … Rabbia
Abdellah Moundy … Omar (as Abdallah Moundy)
Olivier Perrier … Bruno
Farid Larbi … Ali Fayattia
Adel Bencherif … Le terroriste
Benhaïssa Ahouari … Sidi Larbi (as Benaïssa Ahaouari)


Plot: In 1996, in Algeria, eight French monks of The Monastery Notre-Dame de l'Atlas of Tibhirine have a simple life serving the poor community that was raised around the monastery. During the Algerian Civil War, they are threatened by terrorist but they decide to stay in the country and not return to France. One night, they extremists break in the monastery and abduct seven monks. A couple of months later, they are found dead in controversial circumstances. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil   Plot Keywords: Monk  Community  Terrorist  Trappist Monk  Death   See »